Monday, May 3, 2010

In Your Baby’s Eyes

My gift to you, Happy Mother's Day!

In your baby’s eyes...

Even though you can’t zip your jeans
~your body is soft and warm

Even though you doubt yourself
~your voice is kind and reassuring

Even though you’re covered in sweat and milk
~your scent is heavenly and divine

Even though you feel awkward and inept
~your touch is gentle and soothing

Even though they may be wet with tears
~your eyes are tender with compassion

Even though some gets spit up
~your milk is sweet and intoxicating

Even though you may pretend to be amused
~your smile is engaging and delightful

Even though they may be weary
~your arms are an unfailing sanctuary

Even though it may throb with fatigue
~your beating heart is devoted

Even though what you see are flaws and imperfection
~in your baby’s eyes, you'll always be the object of affection

written by Maria Parlapiano

May 2010