Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Personal Preference" - NOT!

I received the following e-mail today:
I came to Maria last year when my daughter had difficulty nursing. Maria believed my baby had torticollis (amongst other health concerns), which explained why she wasn't nursing well. After going to at least 5 separate pediatricians, orthopedists, and neuroligists who all told me she had a personal preference, I gave up on the idea that she had torticollis. At one year, she remained "crooked" and the diagnosis at a very well known pediatric orthopedist was torticollis (left untreated for one year!!)

Well, well, well... So, I pulled her chart to refresh my memory and my notes could not have been clearer. FYI- Torticollis is a twisted or stiff neck caused by spasmotic contraction of neck muscles drawing the head to one side with chin pointing to the other side.    As you can see by the description, it doesn't take an Einstein to figure this out yet, she was jerked around by many doctors.   

If you know me at all, you have heard me say over and over  "babies are the smartest people I have ever met and they always do things for good reason".  If you look, watch, touch and listen, they will lead you to what's wrong.  Also, mothers always know when something is "not right"with their child....never ignore her!  So, I take special care and pay attention to everything I can...that's how it's done.  The problem is, it takes time and they are too busy to do the job right!

Of course, I sent her back, a very supportive e-mail tonight.  Trying to be positive, praising her courage and reassuring her. "You did the right thing by taking matters into your own hands, she is lucky to have you for a mom! Now that she is on the right track, the baby will get the treatment she needs and deserves....she will be OK"
But between you and I, this makes me sick, sad, disturbed and pissed-off that this poor mom and baby were denied an early diagnosis and treatment plan! Not to mention, the emotional and physical trauma, that could have been avoided! 

How could these people call themselves professionals??? What was this child’s pediatrician doing all year, besides sticking this kid with needles and spewing percentages from that stupid growth chart?!!! ....

I tell you, a day does not go by, that I don't hear about a mother and child who are damaged by a negligent act or statement, a rude, hurtful comment, punitive advice or just plain wrong information, by their "hired professional" (doctor) Yes, they work for you!!!  Remember that!  
You don't have to put up with this crap!  You are working hard for your insurance and paying top dollar....for what, to be treated like this?  I bet, if one of their employees performed like that, they would be fired....lickity-split!
So unless you start speaking up and leaving those particular practices, they will just continue to do what they do, over and over.  You deserve better.

Now I'm all worked up.....gonna take a hot bath and go to bed.
This blog is gonna kill me yet.