Sunday, May 9, 2010

Babies Give "Fums Up” for the Movie: BABIES!

With great anticipation, a bunch of pint-sized movie critics srtolled into the first showing of BABIES on Friday, with moms in tow. Finally, the movie they had been whining about was here!  I scowered the pre-show crowd of min-movie goers for an interview. Eager to share his story was Nate, who reveiled that on the ride over, he was so excited, he pooped his pants! Based on the cheers from his friends, it was diaper changes all around!

The lobby buzzed with baby babble. “At first, we thought it was just another one of Maria’s jokes,” said Eddie, “but at group last week, Will told us that when his parents went to sleep, he went online and verified the information.”  A few had to clear their work schedule in order to make the event. “It is so worth it,” said Evan, “seeing the old gang again is totally awesome and I heard it's really dark in there and that's really cool.”

The little patrons were glued to the screen and to their mothers. Coo’s and ahhh’s, mixed with gasps and screeches made it clear to me that they were riveted to this film.  At one point, you could hear a diaper pin drop! A few moments were so poignant; they were brought to tears. Others so funny, they pee’d their pants!  Fellowship filled the room as the babies realized their own dreams (time to brush off the porfolio and screen test, imagining rug burn on the red carpet!) and discovered they were one with all the babies the world.

When the movie was over, I approached the girls for their opinion. “I thought the boys were totally out of control,” Joy shared, “especially that African boy, he’ll eat anything!” Alexis felt some scenes were a bit too revealing admitting, “I had no idea, if you know what I mean.” Julia agreed, stating “the girls looked very stylish, the boys, well, can you say the word, pants?” Kayla laughed saying the boys were cute and fun, the kind of guys she’d like to hang with. Isabella whispered in my ear that she was afraid of the animals and thought they probably smelled bad and might bite the babies but they didn’t. Also, she would warn her dad never to try pushing her down the plastic ramp in her play car….ever.

Then I asked Ché how he enjoyed the movie, he said, “I wish my mom would let me go bare- naked and that Japanese chic has control issues.” Tristan, himself a well-known performer, was asked about the acting quality in the movie, he quipped, “You’ll have to read my blog.”

Ben attended the movie with his entourage from Montclair. His main take-away was that he’d like to try some of those new nursing positions. His friends wholeheartedly agreed. Anthony slept through the entire movie complaining that his parents kept him up all night.

Nikhil announced, “I would highly recommend this movie to any baby who has an appetite for life and an adventurous spirit!”  Lastly, Jack, senior of the crew, summed up the event with one simple sentence: “The movie, BABIES is a no-napping, nursing experience –thrilling, enlightening, warm and nourishing, all at the same time.”