Monday, October 21, 2013

Surrender Box

Julie presented this great idea after reading a recent blog about making a Surrender Box. 
 Divine inspiration was responsible for our box design.  It was very important to me that it be representative and mindfully done.  So I  went to Home Goods and searched for the right box to use- made sure I checked every nook and cranny.  Low and behold, one box left in the  perfect size with the words "Believe in Yourself" on it!  Seriously!

I texted my BFF, Monica, who is an artist and wrote " I've got a fun project for us!"  So in her craft room, we collaborated and created the following:

Top of the lid-

- the words " I choose to let go..."

in a pretty, flowing font.

-print it on lined tablet note paper

- burn the edges as we plan to ceremonially burn our "surrenders"

-affix a butterfly as a metaphor for releasing it to God, the universe as well as our "metamorphosis" to  inner beauty and spiritual growth. 

- affix the word "surrender" to flank the sides of the lid - bolstering and framing our message on top, representing our commitment and fortitude. 

- then we put clear coat in it to stick and seal it together for strength and durability .....just like we, as a tribe derive our strength from being cohesive and sealed in our love for each other. 

That's what went into making this box.  So let's fill it up!