Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pumping For Charlotte

 Pumping for Charlotte
THEN 12/12
NOW 9/13
Some of you may be familiar with this story as it claimed some national attention. 


My grandniece, Charlotte Rose suffered a traumatic brain injury at 11 months old.  Her miraculous recovery involved the use of pasteurized, banked breastmilk for 6 months.
We started a non-profit and raised 20,000 dollars to buy banked milk.

Since June, Charlotte has been fed with donated milk from the mothers in my lactation center. To date these selfless mothers have donated 2,500 oz of their miracle milk – our goal is 4,000 as we plan to feed her until she is at least 2 years old.  Charlotte received the milk via cup and GT tube during the night and for naps- 22 oz/day. 
Charlotte & her PEG for feeding

CMM Donor
My CMM freezer!
Fed Ex Tom picking up our CMM delivery!

Below is the email I sent to our milk donors when I shipped our first box of CMM!

Dear CMM Pumping Brigade!
 I was overwhelmed with gratitude this morning when I looked at my large freezer full of breastmilk for Charlotte. Brought to tears by your generosity and kindness, I packed our first box of miracle milk - 155 oz!  So far we have collected 836 oz!!!

 There are no words to "express" what this will mean to the life of our little girl, Charlotte Rose.  I have attached a recent picture of her (now 16 mo) exactly 6 months from the date of her injury-
Her astonishing recovery could never have happened without human breastmilk.

 I so appreciate that there is much more than milk in the bags and bottles that you drop off- its liquid love, dedication, commitment.......that's what makes it and you so special <3
Thanks for helping to heal Charlotte as well as me:)