Friday, April 12, 2013

Miracle Milk Continues to Heal Charlotte's Brain! Needs a Boost for Upcoming Cranial Reconstruction

Dec 2012

            Then & Now

After suffering a severe traumatic brain injury in December and deemed fatal, Charlotte Rose continues to defy all odds!  Not only is she alive but she is thriving, much in part, to her daily infusions of mothers milk.  

Charlotte was the very first  formula-fed child to receive banked breastmilk at St. Mary's Hospital in Florida.   Since her "awakening' she has received pasteurized banked breastmilk which we purchase from the Mothers' Milk Bank of Austin. Charlotte is a living testament of the tremendous nutritional and healing powers of breastmilk. As you may already know, pasteurized banked breastmilk is commonly used in neonatal units all over the country but basically unheard of in a Pediatric ICU.  Until Charlotte- that is!

Since her homecoming on February 15th, Charlotte has made tremendous strides!  She is holding her head up now and almost sitting up on her own.  Her strength and will to play and perform, even the simplest tasks, is so inspiring.   Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy have been scheduled with great consideration taken, to ensure her much needed rest.   

In June, Charlotte will be undergoing a very delicate surgery-Cranial Reconstruction.  The neurosurgeon will close her skull with the pieces of bone he removed in December. When she was injured, the right side of her skull was opened as a life- saving measure to allow her brain adequate room for swelling.  Because of that, great care must be taken and she has to wear a heavy protective helmet.  Also, since Charlotte is only able to eat and drink small amounts. So the banked breastmilk remains the staple of her diet via her gastric tube. (a tube that was surgically inserted through her abdomen into her stomach) She gets a total of 21 oz per day. We are doubly blessed that as a bonus, breastmilk naturally contains the mega doses of Omega 3's  which are vitally important for her brain. 

The practitioners involved with Charlotte's care have confessed at being shocked by her mere survival let alone, her rapid pace of progress. They now admit and accept that this amazing feat is heavily due to the miracle of breastmilk.  Her doctors profess that this regime is critical to her recovery. Unfortunately, the insurance company refuses to pay for the milk.  So Charlotte thrives today because of the many generous contributions to her milk fund. Our hope is to continue to provide this miracle milk through her upcoming surgery & recovery.  

Unfortunately,we are almost out of "milk" money and she has about 10 weeks until her surgery. We have exhausted all of our own sources so we are reaching out to you.  I imagine you may be thinking "Why not use regular donor milk?" But the hospital and surgeons are adement that we used pasteurized banked milk until after her recovery from surgery.  
If you can help us meet our goal by contributing to Charlotte's Miracle Milk Fund- it would be greatly appreciated and surely blessed.

Only $5 buys her an ounce of the Best BOOST she can get to prepare for surgery! 

Donation site:    

Please continue to keep this precious child in your thoughts and prayers.  

Thank you so much!

GrAuntie Maria