Monday, March 15, 2010

The Anti-Blogger's First Post

Well, I never thought I would do the very thing I warn all my client's against - blogging!  How many times have I said, "Don't let me know, see or hear that you have been taking advice off a blog site, from someone who knows nothing about you or your child, let alone anything else.  They are often a coffee-clutch of judgement and punative solutions that do nothing but increase your anxiety and self-doubt.  Undermining your desire to mother your baby with love, respect and compassion by instilling a belief system that is selfish and self-serving.  I am sure if your baby could speak he/she would say," Step away from the damn computer and hold me, I will show you what I need." 
Guess what?  Your baby trusts you, I trust you, so the least you can do, is trust yourself.  The answers are not in a book or on the computer yet that's where we look and where we are set-up for disappointment over and over.  
Trust me on this one, the answers you are looking for, you've had all along. That's right, like Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, had the ability to go home anytime she wanted. The answers are in your the very heart that loved this baby before it was born, maybe before it was even conceived.  The very heart that gave you the strength to grow and carry their body protected inside your own.  The very heart that empowered you through the risks and pain of delivery. The very heart that will now intuitively guide you through the many challenges of parenthood. 
So embrace what is real.  Touch what you've made. Allow yourself to experience, with wonder and amazement, these very special things you've done.....(none of which required a book or computer!)