Friday, November 16, 2012

WHO the Heck, Did What?!

You're probably thinking- Not again! Didn't Maria just finish a similar campaign?!
Now I know what Michael Corleone from the Godfather meant when he said,
 "Just when I thought I was out....they keep pulling me back in." -Lol


Around the world, civic and non-profit organizations have been gloming "donated" Nestle money,
 like kids in a candy shop!

Ironic, right? That money "earmarked for healthy causes" actually comes from Nestle - the worlds biggest "candy shop"!  Add to that, the fact that Nestle is the  largest manufacturer of processed, high-fat foods and high-calorie beverages including their infamous infant formula and baby food products.  I would also be amiss not to mention their notorious bottled water business- saving that for a future

Complacency surrounding this issue runs rampid which I will never get used to.  But more disturbing is the warm embrace Nestle receives from the the very programs and  organizations that are working tirelessly to reverse the damage that Nestle itself causes to our population and planet! 

By now, many of us who follow the trail of chocolate wrappers one by one, are rarely surprised.  False benevolence is one of Nestle's trademark tactics. Eying the long list of names of those who fall prey via gifts, donations, sponsorships, scholarships, interships, partnerships, research, promotions and educational conferences is merely a daily routine now.

But recently, even I- Ms.Cynical herself, was literally shaken to the core when news broke that PACH/WHO accepted $150,000 from Nestle to fight obesity and non-communicable diseases!   I almost choked on my Hot Pocket - NOT!
Akin to Eve's partaking of the forbidden fruit, are we to believe that WHO may now fall from grace?  Just like the others- corruptible?

If so, then who can we trust if we can't trust WHO anymore- (can't believe I just wrote that!)  Historically they were our "agents" for global health concerns and guidance.
Even with their attempt to guard us from commercial exploitation and promote, support and protect breastfeeding via the Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes -it appears they have now allowed political and financial pressure to trump reason and responsibility. 
Perhaps we overestimated the power and ability of WHO to protect us from harm, as well as police itself and resist temptation from corporate parias like Nestle.

Perhaps WHO underestimated their own need for self-monitoring, as well as, our need for urgency and stewardship when our health is threatened by Nestle and other global food giants.

These are shortfalls that may likely haunt us for years to come.

Starting now, there will be a vast effort put forth by breastfeeding and child health advocates in an all-out, grass-roots, multi-media campaign to inform, educate and act to empower change and flip this situation to our advantage.

Our goal is to influence PAHO/WHO to the extent that they will reverse their decision and mis-align themselves with Nestle.

But we need your help to mobilize this campaign to the largest scale possible so
PAHO/WHO hears us LOUD &CLEAR! Cause, trust me, Nestle is always listening.........:(

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