Wednesday, September 26, 2012

GOT BREASTMILK? Milk Sharing in a Modern World

In a busy practice such as mine, often enough I am confronted with the issue of a baby needing to be supplemented with a little extra breastmilk temporarily. Sometimes it's a baby that will always require supplementing like in breast CA or adoption cases. What's a consultant and family to do? I have been know to say," Wish I could take breastmilk from some who have too much and give it to those who need it!" Can we really do that? Well, yes there are ways......

The following link is to a blog post by a colleague, Amber McCann, IBCLC which lays out this dilemma and solution.">
As she says so nicely,
"I believe that parents are capable of making the choices that are best for themselves and their families. It is my job to make sure they have all the information to do so."
So as I cannot legally serve as a "Milk Broker", but there is no reason I cannot provide the information for you to explore all your possibilities for donating or receiving breastmilk.

I do not condone nor recommend buying and selling breastmilk as I believe money truly contaminates everything!   Also, I ask that you consider NOT donating to a for-profit company such as Prolacta because they are using donated milk to make hybrid baby milks and human milk fortifiers and selling them at a HUGE profit!

Also note that "left over" milk, even from the human milk banks is given or sold to the formula industries for research and patenting. Over 2000 patents of breastmilk components have been issued! This is not good :(        *for further info about that see-

You do not want your precious gift of milk to be used in the ultimate demise of breastfeeding! 
(which sadly is the formula industry plan)

Personally, I believe mother-to-mother milk sharing with someone familiar and with the screening methods you are both comfortable with is a great option.

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