Friday, December 23, 2011

The "Corporate" Mindset - Are Women Thinking More Like Men?

Since Breastfeeding is not about control or perfectionism ( nor should it be) it
does not fit the "model" women have now become accustomed to.  Which I believe
is the corporate model set up by men. You know, constant micro-managing,
competition, over-evaluating, where A&B equal C,  more is better,  if it's free -how good could it be? and there is an agenda -always an agenda!   

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in order to effectively compete with men in the business world
-women have had to think like men.  This "corporate thinking" does not bode well
for breastfeeding and mothering in general.  But it works beautifully for the infant marketing industry!

In my practice demographic - mostly high socio-economic, two-income families,  control and
perfectionism runs long and deep.  This, of course, only sets one up for anxiety
and depression.   If one can't control it then it's too stressful and if it's not perfect immediately, it's deemed a waste of time-  Exhausted/ fearful/disillusioned/ disappointed and desperate -one reaches for anything that brings them back to their "comfort zone" of control.  In this case: bottle-feeding and/
or pumping.  And guess who's ready to swoop down when this happens?  We all know who those players are.

This pervasive mindset of control and perfectionism has set the stage for the most effective marketing strategy I believe history has ever seen - newborn product sales especially the infant feeding industry.

What can you do?  Put the "corporate" mindset aside (that's fine for work) and tap into the feminine/maternal side of's in there somewhere!  Don't fall for the capitalism, commercialism and undermining marketing, that is stealing you from your child.  Money does not equal love.  Success in business does not equal success in parenting.  Embrace and celebrate what makes us different as women.  The tenderness, patience and fortitude to do what's right by your child comes from your heart, not your head.....or wallet.