Thursday, April 7, 2011 - A Website I like!

Most of you know, I am not big on promoting websites. Simply because I feel people spend too much time on the internet looking for answers instead of with their baby (who has all the answers!).

But, I have to admit,  I am excited about this new one called,  No hidden agenda just a mission to bring natural parenting out of the "alternative" and into the mainstream.  (you know, I am all for the natural)

Looking for a midwife, birthing center, doula or breastfeeding expert ?- it's all there!  A great resource for anyone looking to formulate a natural childbirth plan and breastfeed as well.
Not only is It is an informative site but interactive as well, with experts (such as myself!) answering simple questions.

So check it it, tweet it,  post comments if u like and pass it on to friends and family.