Monday, February 14, 2011

The Day You Were Born

Maria"s baby pic
Today is my birthday.  Yes. I am a "funny valentine girl" or sassy valentine woman whichever works for ya.

 So in saying that, I am feeling a bit reflective......glad to be alive: having survived breast cancer 6 years now, grateful for what I have: 3 wonderful children, amazing family and fabulous friends - more than I can count!  But most of all, my mind is flooded with memories of my mom who passed away almost four years now.  And oh boy, do I miss her!  Tears are running down my face as I write this. (sweet tears)

My Mom as a young grandparent-look familiar?

My mom had a great way of making you feel special.  Since, I was born on Valentine's Day (I was almost called Valentina!) my mom baked me a heart-shaped cake every year without fail - the last one being two weeks before she died.  I still have the cake pan which is 52 years old now (yikes!)

I often share with clients about a birthday tradition my mom started.  On our birthday, she would come into our room and sit on your bed and tell the story of the day you were born.  All the siblings would gather on the bed for the storytelling which as you might expect, was embellished more and more each year.  Mine was a tall tale of blizzard-like conditions and treacherous travel to get to the hospital just in the nick of time. But my favorite part was that my mom said I was the first girl born that Valentine's Day!  Which gave me celebrity status!

We all looked forward to the story, only our mother could tell, about the day we were born and she never failed to deliver it with drama, wit and love.
FYI- my mom was only "awake" for the birth of her last child #5 which my dad was present for as well.

For many years, I miss-interpreted the "first girl born that day" to mean that I was the first girl born in the whole world that Valentine Day! As a child, I used that assumed fact for bragging rights and leverage during heated neighborhood arguments about who's more special than who.  Rightfully so,  I was, hands down, the most special!  Now you know where Maria gets her ego from!!

I continued the tradition with my kids and honor them and my mother in this way.  To this day, my grown children (28, 26, 24) still get a big grin on their face when I tell them about the day they were born.  Cherished memories worth repeating and embellishing!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!