Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Official Guardian Angel - Jordan Plaushinat

My favorite picture!

Sometimes we are graced by the presence of an earth bound angel.  They are sent as little gifts from God to guide, teach and enhance our lives but we never know the length of their stay. 

Even though, Jordan wasn't with us long (22 months) she touched the lives of so many.  Jordan was just like other kids, loved Elmo and Cookie Monster, books and balloons, helping her Mommy with the dishwasher and playing with her family and friends.

Who knew that this child would be chosen for greater duty?  Who knew she would now serve as a guardian angel for all our little ones?   None of us could have known or predicted or such a thing.....but we are glad to know she is there.

Jordan's bright smile, her contagious laugh and courageous personality will live on in all our hearts. Her life
serves as wonderful reminder of two things:
angels do exist and people may die but love never dies.

Dear Jordan,
Protect our little ones
when we cannot shield them;
Be by their side
when we are not present;
Wipe their tears
if we not know they weep;
Cool them
when their fever perists;
Lessen their pain
when we no longer can;
Sing to them
when we are weary;
Warm them
when their blanket has fallen;
Hold them close

when they are afraid;
Smile upon them
with your everlasting love.